Who We Are

We help communities experience economic, social, and spiritual transformation.

How We Work

We partner with local stakeholders in Haiti and developing countries in Africa who seek to be agents of transformation in their communities.

Peer Servants Canada strives to work closely with grassroots organizations to support them in their journeys to achieve sustainability through education, leadership development, capacity building, networking, and outreach.

What We Do

What we do

We train local teachers, support existing schools, and build new school facilities

In our teachers seminars, participants benefit from the development of new resources to support the learning of teachers and students.

The main professional learning benefits identified are: improvements in teachers’ knowledge, understanding, and instructional practices; growth in teachers’ leadership skills, their sense of energy and efficacy; and collaborative professional learning.

Monthly financial support (for example with the United Evangelical School, in Port-au-Prince) is raised from our Canadian sponsors, to help schools maintain their operations. Where needed, we support renovations of existing facilities and the building of brand new ones.

What we do

We help indigenous institutions to find ways to run sustainable medical clinics

We seek to provide immediate relief to a population in need while setting the stage for more long-term and financially-sound medical clinics. The assumption behind our projects is that, despite the level of poverty among patients, the clinics could be self-sustained by improving the service delivered to the community. It is the stakeholders’ understanding that the problem can be addressed phase by phase with gradual implementation of steps including relief, capacity building, and sustainability (self-sufficiency).

What we do

We develop local leaders

We offer series of seminars designed to provide pastors, church, and community leaders with the skills to manage their ministry resources, and promote community empowerment. Peer Servants Canada is seeking to increase local leadership capability through the provision of training and mentoring. Peer Servants Canada emphasizes that teamwork is always the best way to reach our goals. We teach that we are all stewards of the resources we have, and we encourage everyone to be generous in sharing with others. 

Our Goals


To help people experience economic, social, and spiritual transformation.


To transform lives by partnering for economic empowerment and renewal through education and leadership development.


1 - To advance education by establishing and operating schools for the underprivileged children in Haiti and in developing countries in Africa.

2 - To develop and promote public health in Haiti and developing countries in Africa by educating and instructing the public on disease prevention and curative measures for health problems, and by organizing medical clinics for the underprivileged.

3 - To develop community leadership by providing workshops and training seminars to the local church and community leaders in Haiti and developing countries in Africa.

Our Team

Alain Caron


Ghislain Lubangi

Medical Director

Marculey Sanon

Director for Haiti

Diana Gumienny


Cory Gumienny

Project Development

Bruno Savard

Church Liaison Officer

Wil Foster


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