Pure Water for All

Production and Distribution of Drinking Water in Developing Countries

Water is essential to life; it dissolves and transports various substances (essential or toxic) that it comes into contact with in the human body. Therefore, water can be the main source of disease and death. The WHO (World Health Organization) states that 80% of all illnesses come from water that may be contaminated with a variety of contaminants, toxins, pollutants, or chemicals (bacteria, viruses, chlorine, pesticides, fluoride, copper, mercury, lead, etc.).

The crucial importance that water plays in the human body and its daily use should make us reflect on the importance of choosing quality water and proposing effective measures or solutions to prevent, combat, and treat all the consequences and harmful effects associated with the direct or indirect consumption of contaminated water. Don’t we say that “Water is life”?

It is with that in mind that Peer Servants Canada plans to facilitate the supply of pure, healthy, drinkable water of good quality (without risk of contamination, pollutant-free, and it will taste better) and make it available to local populations. We will thus participate in the fight for accessibility to drinking water for all and in the prevention of avoidable diseases transmitted by contaminated water.

Indeed, the problem of accessibility (geographical and financial) and the difficulties relating to the assurance of the quality of the available water constitute a major concern for public health. It necessitates the implementation of initiatives aimed at the reduction (if not removal) of one of the main factors responsible for diarrheal disease, health problems associated with dehydration, and kidney failure.

It is with a view to mitigate harmful but avoidable consequences of drinking contaminated water, that Peer Servants Canada has set itself the objective of providing water of superior quality at a price that defies all competition (accessible to all the local population).

Thus, our project consists of the production, distribution, and marketing of drinking water in the districts, towns, cities, and provinces of the developing countries where we operate. This water will be packaged in containers or bottles of various sizes and will be accessible at several locations (homes, offices, supermarkets, schools, universities, etc.). It goes without saying that this project promotes the creation and supply of direct and indirect employment and contributes to the fight against disease and poverty.

We already have several sites in the cities of Kinshasa, Cotonou, Yaoundé, Bujumbura, Kigali, and Port-au-Prince for the installation of production machinery, and for the storage and distribution of the highest quality of drinking water.

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     Project Investments

  • Sites identified and available to house the project (factories, warehouses, dialysis services, hospitals, or clinics)
  • Production devices, accessories, and inputs (consumables)
  • Office equipment (computers, tables, chairs, cupboards, etc.)
  • Transport equipment: vans, tricycles, foldable hand trucks, containers, plastic shipping pallets, pallet jack, foldable platform carts with swivel wheels, lifts, etc.
  • Supply of raw materials and products
  • Protective accessories
  • Surveillance system, alarm, telephones, and walkie-talkies
  • Generators or electricity panels
  • Tools and supplies for maintenance and cleaning of equipment and premises
  • Water quality laboratory analysis equipment
  •  Etc.

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