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Monthly Sponsorship – Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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After their school was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake, the International United Evangelical Church (EEUI), under the leadership of Pastor Lloyd Mompoint, took it upon themselves to continue to operate elementary school classes.

Pastor Lloyd’s wife, Dieulène, has been leading a small team of teachers to provide education to 60 children. This is being done in very difficult conditions, as they must teach many classes side by side, without dividing walls, with the resulting noise from each class making it difficult to hear.

Many of the children barely eat one meal a day, and the school has done its best to provide them with a basic rice meal a few times a week. Another problem is the economic crisis and inflation that is currently taking place in Haiti—an already impoverished country—leaving the teachers without salaries for months at a time.

In order to help the school continue its basic operations until the new building is ready (See our building project: Rebuild a School), Peer Servants Canada has put together a monthly sponsorship program. For only $25 per month, sponsors can contribute toward keeping the school open and running, paying teachers’ salaries, and providing food for the children.

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