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An initiative to build a mother-child medical center complete with a pharmacy, a laboratory and a… medical imaging unit in Cotonu, Benin.

In order to help the population of a disadvantaged zone of ​​Cotonou, Peer Servants Canada is pursuing the project of establishing a “Mother-Child” medical clinic in partnership with the Beninese association founded by “Maman Tamou”, a local business woman who makes available to the project a building which was previously used as a warehouse.

The clinic, which will include a maternity ward, a pharmacy, a laboratory and a medical imaging unit, will also provide the local population with quality and accessible health care services. The maternity ward will provide prenatal consultations for pregnant women, pregnancy-related health care, pregnancy follow-up, etc. Our continuous, fair and quality services will be fast, efficient, less invasive and affordable for the general population.

The clinic will also offer various information programs (conferences, seminars, awareness campaigns, radio or television broadcasts) to the local population to encourage them to adopt behaviors conducive to better health; it will work to reduce the risks associated with the delay or lack of follow-up of high-risk pregnancies by informing and training young girls and women of childbearing age; it will create and implement on-the-ground intervention programs that target high-risk groups; it will set up awareness programs on family planning; it will interact with leaders and other community-based organizations; it will support and/or collaborate with other health actors or local development agents.

As part of our mission, the clinic will actively participate and engage in the provision of continuous, quality care. It will also promote the development of knowledge, skills or capacity building of health professionals through conferences, internships, training modules, etc.

Eventually and in order to complete the offer of its services, the clinic is considering collaborations with other health establishments (public or private sector). From a public health perspective, several other activities likely to influence the state of health of the population will be implemented, in particular professional training workshops, nutritional advice for newborns (breastfeeding, weaning), school medicine, vaccination campaign, etc.

The project to set up the clinic is being carried out under the direction of Dr. Ghyslain Lubangi, board member of Peer Servants Canada. Dr. Lubangi will continue to supervise the clinic remotely from Canada, and through occasional trips. He will also oversee the training of the clinic’s medical staff.

The project is done in two main phases:

PHASE I- Renovate and adapt the existing building

Existing Building – Front

Existing Building – Side

Renovation Plans

Projected View

PHASE I cost:

Cost of work for PHASE I, done in progressive steps: $142 000.00

PHASE II- Provide the clinic with medical equipment and furnishings

We will send a container from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada) to Cotonou (Benin) with medical equipment and furniture for the clinic.

Maternity equipment and materials

This collection (equipment, materials or childbirth and baby care kits) aims to help ensure that the deliveries that will be managed locally take place in the best conditions, that the quality of the current care of pregnant women and newborns is improved.

To achieve this, we plan to pool our efforts and experiences by relying on the skills of foreign and local networks and partners.

This equipment, materials, kits or accessories will be distributed in the different parts (delivery room, pre-delivery room, delivery room, bedroom, infirmary, pharmacy, etc.)

  • Beds and mattresses
  • Furniture (bedroom tables, linen table, chairs, armchairs, cupboards, etc.)
  • Wheel chairs
  • Baby scales and scales (pregnant)
  • Tensiometers
  • Stethoscopes
  • Thermometers
  • Sheets, bedspreads, mattress pads, towels
  • Lamps
  • Fridges, electric or gas stoves, ovens, etc.
  • Televisions
  • Incubators and resuscitation table
  • Autoclave
  • Standard microscopes
  • Test tubes, slides, coverslips and other laboratory accessories
  • Air conditioners, fans or ceiling fans
  • Cardiotocograph / fetal monitor (recording of the fetal heart rate) or fetal doppler and ultrasound (these monitoring devices are essential to ensure that the child in gestation is doing well during the contractions of the future mother)
  • Kits to facilitate the delivery of the newborn, to administer first aid: scissors, clamps, suture material, oxygenation mask, suction cup and forceps, Hegar dilators (uterine dilators) and other obstetric accessories
  • Desktop computers (screens and CPUs or towers)
  • Large capacity hard disks (for the database)
  • Baby bottles, pacifiers, toys, etc.

The majority of this equipment is already in our warehouses and we are working to complete the list. The costs for this phase are mainly for the transport connected to the container.

PHASE II cost: $8 000.00


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