Pure Water for the Thirsty

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A project to provide clean water and employment through the sustainable production and distribution of purified… bottled water to fight diseases and poverty.

Water is essential to life, it dissolves and transports various substances (essential or toxic) that come into contact with it in the human body. Therefore, water can be the main source of disease and death. The WHO (World Health Organization) states that 80% of all illnesses come from water that may be contaminated with a variety of contaminants, toxins, pollutants or chemicals (bacteria, viruses, chlorine, pesticides, fluoride , copper, mercury, lead, etc.).

The crucial importance that water plays in the human organism and its daily use should make us reflect on the importance of choosing quality water and proposing effective measures or solutions to prevent, combat and treat all the consequences. harmful effects associated with the direct or indirect consumption of this water. Don’t we say that, “Water is life?”

It is in its ecological and economic vision of health that the Peer Servants Canada organization plans to facilitate the supply and make available to local populations pure, healthy, drinkable water of good quality (without risk of contamination, pollutant-free and tastes better). We will thus participate in the fight for accessibility to drinking water for all and in the prevention of avoidable diseases transmitted by contaminated water (virtually not free of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other organic or inorganic contaminants) .

Indeed, the problem of accessibility (geographical and financial) and the difficulties relating to the assurance of the quality of the available water constitute a major concern for public health which requires the implementation of initiatives aimed at the reduction if not the removal of one of the main factors responsible for diarrheal disease, health problems associated with dehydration and kidney failure.

It is with a view to mitigating harmful but avoidable consequences (diarrheal illnesses, dehydration, etc.) that Peer Servants Canada has set itself the objective of providing water of (undeniable and superior) quality to a price that defies all competition (accessible to all the local population).

Thus, our project consists of the production, distribution and marketing of drinking water in the districts, towns, cities and provinces of the developing countries where we operate. This water will be packaged in containers or bottles (glass and/or plastic) of different formats (500 ml, 1 liter, 1.5 liters, 5 liters, 18 liters or 21 liters) and will be accessible in several sites, areas or places (homes, offices, super markets, schools, universities, etc.). It goes without saying that this project promotes the creation and supply of direct and indirect employment, and contributes to the fight against disease and poverty.

We already have several sites in the cities of Kinshasa, Cotonou, Yaoundé, Bujumbura, Kigali and Port-au-Prince for the installation of production machinery, storage and distribution of drinking water from best quality.

We are aware of the diversity of purification techniques (distillation, catalyzed or reverse osmosis) and equipment or materials (distillers, autoclaves, sterilizers, accessories, electricity generators or solar panels, etc.) essential in the production, warehousing or more economical and environmentally friendly storage (which does not remove dissolved oxygen, dissolved minerals being maintained at a rate of less than or equal to 2 ppm) and the distribution of good quality water for consumption, the medical or industrial use (for science research, medical or pharmaceutical laboratory, etc.).

Partnerships, human and/or financial resources and the donation of production machines (used or new), will be used to implement and implement this project, which from our point of view is beneficial with a visible and lasting social impact.

In the process of its implementation, this project requires, among other things, sound advice, support or partnership with actors in the sector of production, distribution and marketing of drinking water in Quebec or Canada, and human resources with experience in accounting, finance, etc.

Finally, every effort will be made to guarantee the quality of our water by taking samples for regular laboratory analysis.

Project investments

– Sites identified and available to house the project (factories, warehouses, dialysis service, hospital or clinic)

– Production devices, accessories and inputs (consumables)

– Office equipment (computers, tables, chairs, cupboards, etc.)

– Carrying equipment: vans, tricycles, foldable hand trucks, containers, plastic shipping pallets, pallet jack, foldable platform carts with swivel wheels, lifts, etc.

– Supply of raw materials and products

– Protective accessories

– Surveillance system, alarm, telephones, walkie-talkie or telephones

– Generators or electricity panels

– Equipment for maintenance or cleaning of equipment and premises

– Water quality laboratory analysis equipment

– Etc.


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